Queer Talks 3: Club Church, woensdag 14 december in de OBA

Woensdag 14 december vindt in de Haasse/Vestdijkzaal op de zesde verdieping van de Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) van 17.30 tot 19.00 uur voor de derde keer een bijzondere lezing plaats: QueerTalk #3: Exploring the limits of your sexual identity at Club Church. De voertaal is Engels.

Since 2008, Amsterdam is the proud home of a very special nightclub: Club Church. The club has grown into a landmark in the capital’s gay scene, with popular parties that each serve a specific gay subculture or fetish. With its unusual combination of hardcore fetishism and low-key and friendly atmosphere, it attracts a diverse audience. Bears, twinks, drags, femmes and sportswear lovers visit Church to show off their sexual identities and explore their sexual boundaries. What does the thriving success of this club say about sexual freedom, in Amsterdam and in general? What are the benefits and risks of indulging oneself in a world seemingly without boundaries and taboos? In this QueerTalk, we have the honor to disentangle the ‘Church Phenomenon’ with Jennifer Hopelezz, founder and owner of Club Church, and documentary maker Robin Vogel, who recently released a film that explores how the club impacted his sexual identity. Clips of his documentary will be shown during the QueerTalk.

About QueerTalks
The Mosse Fund of the University of Amsterdam organizes a new series of events: the QueerTalks. Powered by LGBT archive IHLIA, we receive inspiring guests from the LGBTQ community twice per academic semester. We invite them to share their personal or professional stories, often relating to current events and urgent societal debates, in an intimate and informal setting. The QueerTalks are hosted by IHLIA at the Central Library (ObA), near Central Station. The event starts at 17:30 and will last 90 minutes maximum. Entrance is free.

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