Reminder: QueerTalk #4: Pride and Proud: queering the sex worker movement

Reminder: QueerTalk #4: Pride and Proud: queering the sex worker movement, op woensdag 25 januari, 19.00 tot 20.30 uur in de Haasse/Vestdijkzaal op de zesde verdieping van de Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA). De voerttaal is Engels.

Something special is happening in Amsterdam’s Red Light District: the new national sex worker movement Proud is quickly expanding and intensifying its fight against stigma. Their ultimate goal, decriminalizing sex work by recognizing it as a profession, does not land easy in a national discourse that equalizes sex work with problems like human trafficking, labor exploitation, money laundering and tax evasion. What does this discourse say about the stigmatization of sex work in contemporary Holland, and how does Proud respond to it in everyday activism and advocacy? In what ways are these responses inspired by ideologies and movements in feminism and LGBTQ communities? In this QueerTalk, we will tackle these questions with three activists working in the heart of the Proud organization: Yvette Luhrs (porn actress and chair of Proud), Hella Dee (sex worker and project coordinator), and Bubbles (trans sex worker and digital field work coordinator). The event will be hosted by Laurens Buijs and Nina van den Berg.

About QueerTalks
The Mosse Fund of the University of Amsterdam organizes a new series of events: the QueerTalks. Powered by LGBT archive IHLIA, we receive inspiring guests from the LGBTQ community twice per academic semester. We invite them to share their personal or professional stories, often relating to current events and urgent societal debates, in an intimate and informal setting. The QueerTalks are hosted by IHLIA at the Central Library (ObA), near Central Station. The event will last 90 minutes maximum. Entrance is free and open for all.

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