Amsterdam Gay Pride: thema-avond Rights Out There – Recognition of Same-Sex Love Worldwide

rainbow-flag-500x500[1]Woensdagavond 29 juli staat de Oude Lutherse kerk aan het Singel 411 in Amsterdam in het teken van de gelijkgeslachtelijke liefde, als onderdeel van de Amsterdam Gay Pride. Van 19.30 tot 22.30 vindt er een thema-avond plaats: Rights Out There – Recognition of Same-Sex Love Worldwide. De voertaal is Engels (bron: persbericht).

An evening to share what we know about legal progress – or stagnation –concerning the recognition of same sex love in the 200 countries of the world over the last fifty years. Where is homosexual behaviour slowly disappearing from criminal law, where is discrimination being challenged by law, and where are same-sex families getting recognised – or not? And how does this relate to economic development and public opinion in the different countries? Kees Waaldijk, professor of comparative sexual orientation law at Leiden University, will present an innovative interactive moving bubble chart to make all this visible.

As special guest we welcome Adam Long: a leading person in the ‘Vote Yes’-campaign about the referendum on Same Sex Marriage in Ireland in May 2015. He will be interviewed by the moderator of this evening, Boris Dittrich, and tell about his experiences and the developments in Ireland. During the presentation of Kees Waaldijk, guests from various countries will be asked to respond with experiences and latest developments from their own countries. Come and see how your country is doing, and help us understand what is happening.

Moderator: Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director at Human Rights Watch, LGTB-program.
Special guest: Adam Long,  a Dublin based equality advocate who serves on the board of Ireland’s oldest gay rights NGO – The National LGBT Federation.
Speaker: Kees Waaldijk, professor of comparative sexual orientation law, Leiden University

Organisers: Old Lutheran Church of Amsterdam – together with other organisations



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