Start online trans-training

Op 10 juni begint de online training ‘Fighting for trans* and intersex equality through human rights’. De voertaal is Engels (bron: persbericht).

In five bi-weekly two hour webinars you will get information on the following themes:

• Human rights systems, global and regional
• Conventions, charters, courts. Selected cases, important wins
• Trans & Intersex rights & issues, Yogyakarta Principles
• Threats and opportunities
• International Civil Society Organizations, local implementation, queer critique

You will learn how to use mostly the UN system and the European human rights system to influence the national government on implementing obligations they accepted by acceding to human rights treaties.

We will work with both material at hand and look forward to opportunities and obstructions for getting our rights realised. We will look at what can be done with existing material for local implementation and at the same time see that human rights are not a universal solution and have some inherent problems also.

The training comes at €150 (incl. VAT) for individual activists. If you come as a (funded) organization, the tariff is double (€300) to enable less well-off activists to participate. If this is still problematic, do send an e-mail and we’ll figure out a solution.

For more detailed info or alternatively participating in a live training, see this page. For registration or questions send an e-mail to [email protected] .

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