VU-workshop Migranten en sekswerkers

De Vrije Universiteit (VU) van Amsterdam organiseert op woensdag 25 en donderdag 26 juni de workshop en hierop aansluitende expositie Migranten en sekswerkers: ‘Migrant and Sex Work – Thinking out of the Box(es)’. De conferentie vindt plaats in het Metropolitan gebouw van de VU. De expositie is toten met zaterdag 28 juni te zien in het Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts, Oudeschans 21. De voertaal is Engels.

To mark the presence of our South African research partners and stakeholders Sweat (Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce ) and Sisonke ( movement of sex workers by sex workers ) , the VU is organizing the workshop ‘Migration and Sex Work : beyond existing boundaries’. The past year, we have conducted research concerning the daily work practices of counselors , social workers and police in the Netherlands, focusing on the way they deal with migrant sex workers and potential ‘ victims ‘ of trafficking in practice. This is part of a broader research project entitled ‘Double Vulnerable ? A comparative study of the situation of migrant sex workers in the Netherlands and South Africa’. This is funded by the Dutch organization WOTRO Science for Global Development.

On Wednesday morning, the program is oriented to the Dutch situation. We will present the preliminary conclusions of our research and be joined by other presenters who will discuss relevant themes concerning migration and sex work from an applied perspective. In addition, time has been allotted to reflect and discuss on the relationship between migration, sex work and trafficking. The morning session will close with a round table discussion with relevant stakeholders, police and policy advisors. The afternoon will center on the exchange of information between South Africa and the Netherlands . Different stakeholders from both geographical locations will give presentations about their work and issues relevant for working with migrants who work in the sex industry. Dutch organizations like La Strada International, Fair Work , SHOP / SPOT 46 and others are present.

Thursday will be dedicated to academic presentations on these subjects. Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop, a full program is attached . The workshop will take place on Wednesday 25 and Thursday, June 26th at the VU University Amsterdam (Metropolitan building). On Wednesday, June 25 the workshop will be closed with the opening of the exhibition ‘Migrant sex workers in dialogue: visuals from the Netherlands and South Africa’, at the House of Arts and Crafts, Oude Schans 21, Amsterdam. The exhibition, from 25th -28th of June, presents photos and videos made ​​by migrant sex workers in the Netherlands and South Africa in collaboration with Voices of Women Media in the Netherlands, and AC , Sisonke and Market Photo Workshop in South Africa.


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