Queeristan 2010 in Amsterdam

Zaterdag 27 en zondag 28 maart 2010 vindt in Amsterdam Queeristan 2010 plaats: ‘the queer event of the year’. Een weekend vol workshops, discussies, queer pride march, feest, kunst en films in ‘Schijnheilig’ aan de Passeerdersgracht 23 in Amsterdam. Er wordt Engels en Nederlands gesproken en er zijn vertalers aanwezig. Contact : [email protected] Website : www.queer-nl.org/queeristan (bron: persbricht).
Zaterdag 27 maart:
13.00 : Discussie ‘Homonormativity, commercialisation of gay culture, and
16.00 : Discussie ‘Sexism and Transphobia’
19.00 : Diner
22.00 : Party ‘Creatures from Queeristan’, met optredens rond middernacht

Zondag 28 maart:
12.00 : Lunch
13.00 : Discussie ‘Racism, LGBT asylum and migration rights, homophobic
violence and islamophobia’
16.00 : Closing session
17.00 : Queeristan takes to the streets!

Workshops: there are three discussion sessions planned on current LGBT/queer political issues facing us in The Netherlands. Each workshop will lead with brief presentations from some panelists, followed by an open discussion amongst everyone present. We hope to try and evolve political responses to the questions raised by the panelists. We also intend each session to lead towards concrete plans for the future in terms of working/action groups or collaborations with existing networks. To achieve
all this, we invite LGBT/queer people, academics, activists, students, organisations and anyone else interested irrespective of personal identity, to come and participate.


The first discussion will deal with the depoliticisation of the LGBT community, establishing links to other struggles,  the increasing commercialisation of gay culture, as well as Amsterdam Canal Pride and its lack of politics of emancipation, and how these are linked with economic capabilities of LGBT people. The second discussion is about sexism and transphobia, both in society at large, as well as within the LGBT people, and how we can get gays, lesbians, trans and bi people to share a common political and social space. The third discussion will be on the issues of LGBT asylum laws and links to immigration rights, experience of lgbt immigrants and racism, as well as exploring the issue of patterns of homophobic violence, islamophobia, and public/media perceptions.

Queeristan takes to the streets!
Queeristan 2010 will end with all of us taking to the streets in the city. This march celebrates not only the diversity of gender identities and sexualities amongst us, but also the diversity of people and groups who are in solidarity with a queer and LGBT perspective. The march is an open, non-commercial, non-party political march with a clear anti-racist, anti-sexist perspective. We invite everyone – all individuals and LGBT organisations, as well as activist groups working on sexism, racism, immigration rights, anti-militarism, anti-deportation camps, environment etc, to come march with us through Amsterdam.

We will be celebrating Queeristan with a fabulous party, ‘Creatures from Queeristan’ on saturday evening, so be there ! If you would like to perform at the party, contact us. There will be film screenings and an art space as well. It would be appreciated if you could let us know by email if you will be having (vegan) dinner/lunch with us.

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