Documentaire Iron Legs. Gratis op 17 juni. Schrijf je nu in.

Cambodian filmmaker Vanna Hem is finishing up his film Iron Legs - a documentary about a lesbian girls soccer team in Cambodja – so that it will be ready for its premiere on 17 June. He will be present. Iron Legs is about a Cambodian lesbian girls soccer team. The event is a co-production with International Homo/Lesbian Information center and Archive (IHLIA). Moderator: Dennnis Boutkan. At the main branch of the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA), Theater van ‘t Woord, at 3pm to 5pm on 17 June. Be present 2.45pm. Sign up for free. Mail your name(s) and mail address to [email protected]

Synopsis by Vanna Hem (filmmaker)
Ms. Van Sovan, 56, is a lesbian working in the Department of Youth, Sport and Education and has been in charge of the provincial youth sport as a football coach in Cambodia, for the past seven (7) years. Since she was a young girl, she has always had an extraordinary passion for football. However, football was one of many sports and entertainments that were completely banned by the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979), especially for young women.

Throughout 2011 and 2013, Sovan created a Lesbian Football team, one and only of its kind in the country. In spite of their talents, hard training and multiple victories, the team struggles with limited financial resources as well as social, cultural prejudices, verbal abuses, public humiliations and discriminations against the lesbian footballers.

This documentary tells the story of the coach and a few girls of the team. The joy of sports unifies them, gets the best out of them, in the background troubled lives. An optimistic and encouraging story about a unique team in Cambodia. The premiere of Iron Legs will be part of our presentation, in which we will tell about and show samples of other projects and developments. We will show the photo series Over the Black Rainbow, about the transwomen (Waria’s) of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

We are looking for individual and corporate sponsors. Individuals can make a donation by means of a bank transfer or using iDEAL (for The Netherlands): Click here. Companies can establish a sponsorship relation with us. Mail us, so we can contact you about the possibilities: [email protected]. The foundation is also trying to interest funding agencies and grant providers in financing the proposed projects. If you have any tips about networks, documentary-making in Southeast Asia or potential sponsors, please contact us at [email protected]

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