Artlaunch prsntz Rotterdam meets Amsterdam. Friday February 23 – 2007

Artlaunch is een groep dj's, vj's, performers en andere nachvlinders. Zij geven wat meer alternatieve feesten in onder andere Paradiso, Club11 en nu in Studio 80:

With DJ-sets by Louis Guilliaume (SoNasty, Rotterdam), Martijn (ExcessiveMachine) &  Trashling (Spellbound). Also a special performance (+ DJ-set) in Studio 80's backroom by Mo & Ghazal (TakTakShitAndToiletPaper / Cake). Video by AlexEtJeremy (with additional footage by Ivo Hofstee from Rotterdam). Our backroom is hosted by Toon (Spellbound)…  So put on your dancing shoes for hot electro, new techno, fine minimal and splendid house music!

Friday February 23 – 2007. Studio 80: Rembrandtplein 17, Amsterdam.
Open: 23:00 hrs / Entrance: 7,-

According to International DJ magazine, Louis Guilliaumes DJ-sets are machine music at its best! He plays Funk, Jazz, African Rhythms, Latin Rhythms, Disco, Electro, Techno, Deep house, Breakbeats, oldstyle Hip Hop and Detroit/Chicago House. Louis creates a mix in his own style to make his sets sound
like a very danceable soundscape.

Mo & Ghazal (TakTakShitAndToiletPaper / Cake) are a performanceduo from Rotterdam, Holland. They create artificial, fake as a weddingcake, little burlesque performances for everybody on the planet who likes a bit of madness galore. They believe in mixing the clubscene with art, and they don't want to focus on only one field. They spin records, they sing, they make music, they dance, they perform, they make installations…

DJ Martijn from Black Box @ Studio 80 and Spellbound’s Disco Hospital spins many different styles, usually with a keen ear for the more outspoken and funky tones in techno, electro and minimal music.

DJ Trashling has been involved with the Amsterdam underground club scene for may years… Spellbound, The Planet, Disco Hospital, ArtLaunch, Flush It!, etc. He plays a rough mix of Beatwave with Acid, Techno, EBM, Wave and Industrial mixed with Minimal.

We have invited VJs AlexEtJeremy to beam their visual wonderland of all things weird and crazy… This time they get some extrafootage to work with… Great visuals by Rotterdam-based artist Ivo Hofstee. Check out more at:

And last (but not least)… At the same time the backroom of Studio 80 will be open for new sounds, electro(nic) tunes and much more with DJ’s Toon (Spellbound) and TakTakShitAndToiletPaper (see the info above for Mo & Ghazal).

Other dates for 2007 >
23/3 Amsterdam meets Paris with Sex Machine (Eyes Need Sugar, Paris), Lava (Get Physical Records).
[email protected]

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