Get a Room! – Everybody is a Pervert

Get a Room! – Everybody is a Pervert. Hou je van de geur van rubber? Dan ben je een pervert.  Hou je ervan hoe bont aanvoelt”? Dan ben je een pervert. Masturbeer je wel eens? Je bent een pervert! We zijn allemaal pervers. Tenminste, dat beweert schrijver Jesse Berings in zijn boek ‘Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us’. Daarover wordt dinsdag 11 maart vanaf 20.00 uur gediscussieerd in OT301 aan de Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam. De toegang kost 5 euro, de voertaal is Engels (bron: persbericht).

Are we really perverts? And what makes us a true perverts? This evening we’ll be exploring the boundaries of what’s hot and what’s not. Who decides what’s normal and healthy sex and what isn’t. What is normal and healthy sex anyway? As Alfred Kinsey stated: ‘Rarely has man been more cruel against man than in the condemnation and punishment of those accused of so-called sexual perversions.’ Documentary of choice is the film Zoo, a film based on the life of Kenneth Pinyan, a man who loved to have sex with a horse. So much, it killed him in the end. Sex and animals, a recipe for a late night trash tv shock doc. But Zoo is all but that, with its poetic images and a more experimental approach (David Lynch, anyone?).

The film premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and received positive reviews ever since. Filmmaker Robinson Devor tried to create something that isn’t exploitative but more inquisitive. The film is not about preying on perverts en condemning them as it is about exploring unusual sexual preferences. We’ll be talking to experts about perversion and the ideas surrounding them. Amongst them: Gert Hekma. Sociologist at the University of Amsterdam specialized in lesbian and gay studies, also author of the ABC of Perversions. Should we embrace and accept our ‘unusual’ preferences? How did our view on perversion change in the past decades and centuries?

Get a Room! is a monthly sexy ’n smart film-event, in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Sexuality in the broadest sense of the word is our focus. From documentary to experimental short film, every month Get a Room! shows a different, relevant or unexpected film. What about feminist porn, masculinity, asexuality, fetish or safer sex & HIV. We don’t just show films, there’s always an interesting guest. From erotic filmmakers, gender activists tot BDSM-mistresses; they all show us what they got. Get a Room! is open-minded, positive and curious.

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