Get a Room! presenteert ‘Zahra Stardust: queer sex down under’

Get a Room! presenteert ‘Zahra Stardust: queer sex down under‘, als onderdeel van haar speciale Pride Edition, waarin wordt gedebatteerd over plezier en politiek, identiteit en queer, feminisme en pornografie. De voertaal is Engels. In the past years Australia has become the place to be for radical, fresh and spectacular feminist and queer porn. Get a Room! is proud to announce a special evening showing a selection of films by Zahra Stardust, rising star of the (Australian) feminist porn movement in the presence of Zahra herself (bron: persbericht).

During this evening she’ll be showing a selection of her work including the award winning ‘Open Letter to My Lovers’ and ‘Beautiful Monotony’. We’ll be discussing the intersections between sex, politics and activism. But also subjects as authenticity and intimacy in porn as well as sex worker activism and queer identity. Zahra Stardust is an Australian porn star and Penthouse Pet famed for her combination of brains and beauty, sex and politics, and her ability to squirt like a fire hydrant. She’s a politician (she ran for parliament 3 times for the Australian Sex Party for House of Representatives (2009), Senate (2010) and Lord Mayor of Sydney (2012)), Penthouse Pet, feminist pornographer, activist, sex worker, academic and so much more. Her films have screened from Toronto to Berlin. She was one of the highlights at the last Porn Film Festival Berlin. Zahra lets feminism inform her porn, and porn inform her feminism, she is currently doing a PhD on the legal regulation of pornography in Australia.

Practical information:
When: Wednesday July 30, time: 20.30
Where: Filmhuis Cavia
How much: 5 euro
Tickets: [email protected]

This screening is part of Amsterdam Gay Pride and made possible by Stichting Ondersteboven.

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